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Re: G'day guys!

Postby Adam the Akrodude » Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:15 pm

Most welcome here Jamie!

First of all, thankyou for your service to our great nation! One of my old bosses was ex-RAN, a CPO who worked down in the boiler/steam turbine area. He had some pretty cool stories of his time in DDGs and his adventures across the world - mainly in and around Sth East Asia back in the 60's & 70's. One of his fav sayings when I was under a bit of pressure on whatever jobs I was working on was "Adam, it's your turn in the barrel!" - as a joke mind you! It was only many years later I bothered researching what that meant - ARGGHHHH! He was a pretty good boss and a good mentor. Only naval vessel I've been on is a mostly built ANZAC frigate down in Williamstown here in Melbourne. The company I worked for way back when as well as building power stations (you know those evil smoky CO2 belching planet destroying facilities!), was also building the FFGs then the ANZACs, so I got to visit the dockyard from time to time - fascinating stuff. Got to hear some great stories of what the FFGs could do (they are fast and can stop really fast too) plus some sea trial mishaps on the ANZACs like a gearbox shitting itself out in Bass Straight in Force 10+ conditions and how they fixed it by just cutting a huge hole in the side of the vessel in dry dock, lifting it out and putting in a new one. Another guy I worked with for a period served on Sydney during Vietnam. He used to get really pissed off with the officers on the bridge who used to use the map table to rest their drinks (G&Ts) and would often result in spilled drinks entering the map table shorting out the light bulbs! Heard some eye opening stories about Olongapo City - you navy types sure know how to party!

Hope you enjoy your time here - we're a pretty friendly bunch and don't bite too much. If you're able via a photo storage facility like Flicr, please do post your work.


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Re: G'day guys!

Postby DesTROYer » Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:30 pm

Welcome aboard.
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