More Eastern European releases for 2019

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More Eastern European releases for 2019

Postby RayS » Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:40 am

Amodel G550s to come this year!

and a list of Eastern Express kits planned (thanks to Scotty)

Notable Announcements (all 1/144):

BN-2A Mk.III Trislander Aurigny Airlines
MD-11 JAL (P&W engines)
DC-9-50 Finnair
DC-9-40 Northwest Airlines
DC-10-30 (late spec) American Airlines
Airbus A220-100 Swiss
Airbus A220-300 Baltic
Dash 8-300 Aurora Airlines
Dash 8-Q400 Air Canada Regional
Vickers Viscount 700 BOAC/British Airways hybrid scheme
Vickers Viscount 800 Lufthansa
HS Trident 1C BEA (red square scheme)
HS Trident 2E Cyprus Airways
HS Trident 3B BEA/British Airways hybrid scheme
BAC 1-11-200 British Caledonian
Convair CV-880 Delta Airlines
Airbus A300B2/B4 Pan Am
Airbus A310-200 Lufthansa
Embraer E-190-E2

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Re: More Eastern European releases for 2019

Postby Ansett A330 » Tue Jan 22, 2019 10:31 pm

RayS wrote:
Airbus A300B2/B4 Pan Am

I know there were only two but the way these guys do almost every variation of a particular subject I thought my menial sacrifice to the Modelling Gods of tackling a B1 might result in them doing that version as well but obviously not to be!

Maybe though they might do some TEA decals? Wait and see I suppose but don't hold ones breath in case of explosion risk.
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Re: More Eastern European releases for 2019

Postby Graeme H » Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:34 pm

I would need to win Gold Lotto to buy all that lot, even one at EE's prices is now getting beyond me
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