V1 Decals April Releases

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V1 Decals April Releases

Postby V1 Decals » Thu Apr 02, 2020 8:07 am

Hi there! A quick update to let you all know that currently our operations remain largely unaffected so long as our printer, suppliers, and postal service continue to remain open. Naturally, we encourage everyone to continue staying home protecting those we love and to focus on building airliner models and hoarding our incredible decal sets instead of toilet paper. However, it has come to our attention that Canada Post will no longer be accepting orders destined to certain countries and we will offer to hold those orders until service has been restored or issue refunds at your discretion. Most countries remain open, but Austria, Philippines and Russia among others are closed until further notice. We encourange our international buyers to check Canada Post's announcements at the link below to see if your country has been affected before ordering and to allow extra time for delivery worldwide to account for any related delays that may occur. Stay safe and happy modelling!

https://www.canadapost.ca/cpc/en/our-co ... lerts.page

Visit our website at the link below for more information and to save up to 40% off your next order.

United Airlines Embraer E175 (New Livery)

United Airlines Embraer E175 (Continental Livery)

United Airlines Embraer E170 (Continental Livery)

Air Aruba McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30

Air Aruba Boeing 757-200

Avensa Boeing 737-300

Be sure to check out our quick-browse-friendly April Catalog (follow link to download) includes both our new releases highlighted in yellow along with dozens of new un-released liveries still in the pipeline. Contact us for more details and special early access.

All of our decals are laser-printed on demand and available in any scale with low or free flat-rate shipping worldwide. Visit out our website for more information or follow us on Facebook for the most up to date announcements on our latest releases, news, and promotions.
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