About Us

Welcome to our site!!!

Airliner/Civil Aircraft Modeller (A/CAM) is a modelling site that has been primarily conceived, developed, and established to cater for and accommodate the unique needs and interests of the Airliner/Civil Aircraft model builder.

The site is designed to effectively be a special interest group (SIG) virtual “model club” where the individual member feels that he/she is valued, and belongs to a unique modelling community with similar hobby interests and tastes.

The scope of modelling subject matter/area-of-interest that this site is specifically intended to capture, envelop, facilitate, and showcase includes, (but is not restricted to), the following:

  • Airliners, (including all derivatives, and variants)
  • Executive/Business jets
  • General Aviation types
  • Former Military types in civil/commercial use, (including air racers, fire-bombers, and other specialist civilian agency use).
  • Civil/Commercial Helicopters
  • Civil/Commercial Flying Boats/Sea Planes/Amphibians
  • Civil/Commercial Airships
  • Civil/Commercial Spacecraft
  • Sports/Recreation Aircraft, (including gliders, hang gliders, para-gliders, gyro-copters, hot air balloons’ micro-lights, home-builds, purpose-built air racers, purpose-built aerobatic types)
  • Civil/Commercial UAVs
  • Agricultural types
  • Civil/Commercial “flights-of-fancy” / “what ifs”

The above list not withstanding however, military Aviation modellers are also most welcome as part of the A/CAM “family”, with specific provision being made for their modelling masterpieces in the A/CAM Gallery, (after all… A/CAM prides itself on being an equal opportunity’ modelling site).

A unique feature of A/CAM will be a monthly prize for membership-decided “Best forum thread/post”. An annual model competition, (with winner once again decided by membership vote), will also be a regular feature of this site with some great prizes planned.