Code of Conduct

A/CAM actively encourages, supports, and advocates robust, respectful, and healthy membership forum discussion and participation, where the right to freedom-of-speech and personal view and opinion will always be recognised, respected, up-held, protected, and valued. Individual expressions of opinion will never be needlessly censored, edited, or otherwise manipulated or discouraged just because the site owner/officers, (or indeed other members), may not agree with the individual or find a given subject not to their liking or interest. ln short, you are invited to talk about whatever you like as often as you like in the relevant forum, as long as the comments are respectful, legal, and in keeping with the site code of conduct requirements mentioned below. Authoritarian, draconian, dictatorial, or discriminatory style of heavy-handed site management will NEVER be a feature of the A/CAM site. Indeed it is the absolute commitment, undertaking, and guarantee of this site owner and his appointed site officers, that they never react to any forum threads/posts in a subjective, personal, discriminatory or emotional fashion, and will always treat all members, (and their opinions), with courtesy, dignity, and respect. Please note however that, as all forums and areas of the A/CAM site will be fully transparent and available for general public viewing at all times, the individual will ultimately always be solely and legally responsible for any comment they post in the public domain.

It is anticipated and expected that all A/CAM members treat each other in a respectful, mature, and dignified fashion. Intimidation, abuse, bullying, harassment, or personal attacks of any sort will simply not be tolerated on this site. It is perfectly OK to disagree, but please do so in an appropriate and responsible manner. Remember to always ‘play the ball and not the man’. Should an on-going disagreement or personal conflict occur between members, the site owner encourages the individuals concerned to please address and defuse the situation off the main forums. Effective personal communication is often the most efficient and expedient conflict resolution tool.

The site owner and appointed site officers reserve the right to delete individual forum posts if deemed to be offensive, derogatory, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate. Should this occur however, be assured that a full and frank explanation will always be provided to the greater A/CAM membership as to the reason and justification for any given post deletion. It is and shall remain a policy of this site not to delete entire forum threads.

The banning policy of this site is quiet simple… three strikes and you are out!!!. A post deletion or individual warning constitutes a “strike”. Should this situation ever occur, no extended correspondence will be entered into thereafter, nor will membership fees be refunded under these circumstances. This publicly-declared banning policy will, if required, be applied fairly, equitably, and without discrimination or variation.

When accepting A/CAM membership it is a given that the individual agrees to all of the above conditions without exception.